Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport Offers the Best of Every Category

When people think of SUVs, they often tend to picture giant vehicles that are a pain to drive. However, the Ford EcoSport challenges this conception of SUVs by being a smaller model that performs as good as any other SUV model without making regular everyday driving a hassle. It is able to do this thanks to its vast collection of top-notch features that make it a leading force in every category.

Superior Seating

And impressive driver’s seat is one of the most underrated qualities in a vehicle. Since this is where you will be spending your time commuting to and from work and other destinations on a regular basis, it is crucial that the driver’s seat provides a level of comfort and convenience that you are impressed by.

This is exactly what the EcoSport is able to accomplish thanks to its heated front bucket seats. The spacious design of the front bucket seats provide you with an unprecedented level of comfort, while the heating feature allows you to remain nice and toasty even during those chilly winter drives.

Reverse With Confidence

Since reversing is such a major part of the average person’s driving, it is important that your vehicle is able to make this process as pain-free as possible. Luckily, the EcoSport offers a Rear View Camera and Reverse Sensing System.

As soon as the vehicle is put into reverse gear, the Rear View Camera turns on and provides you with a real-time view of the area behind your vehicle so that you can be aware of exactly what is located behind you. In case this was not enough, the vehicle also uses the Reverse Sensing System to notify you any objects that you are in danger of reversing into through the use of audible signals.

Elevated Views

Rather than making you settle for the average view out your front windshield and side windows, the EcoSport elevates the quality of scenery that you can experience while driving thanks to its power moonroof with sunshade features. With only one press of a button, you are able to draw back the moonroof and experience the astonishing view of the sky above.

Get the vehicle that is not just good at one thing, but rather good at everything, by purchasing the Ford EcoSport today.