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Hit the Open Road With Ford Fusion

In order to be prepared for all of your summer road trips, you will need to have a vehicle that is capable of performing at top levels for long periods of time. A great example of this is the Ford Fusion, which uses its various features to perform above and beyond most other vehicles in its class.

Ultra Smooth Handling

The last thing that you want to have to deal with every time that you get out on the road is a bumpy or rough ride. That is why the Fusion comes equipped with several features to help ensure that every second of your drive is as smooth and in control as possible.

With the intelligent all-wheel drive, the vehicle is able to constantly monitor traction and handling to detect any variation in the vehicle’s performance. If it senses any loss of traction, then it will automatically transfer power distribution between the front and rear wheels in order to restore equal traction levels to all four wheels.

The vehicle even comes with a continuously controlled damping system that works to provide real-time suspension tuning. Its multiple sensors are continuously scanning the roadway ahead in order to detect any kind of change that will require a suspension adjustment, such as potholes in the road. The system will then make the necessary adjustments to the shock absorbers and the rest of the suspension system so that the vehicle is properly prepared to handle the upcoming situation.

Providing a Peaceful Environment

Having to deal with persistent road noise while driving can be a very unpleasant thing. Luckily, the Fusion comes with features that allow you to no longer have to worry about dealing with unwanted road noise.

With the help of acoustic underbody shields and sound-absorption materials, the vehicle is able to block the vast majority of road noise from ever entering the cabin in the first place. To help you deal with the little bit of road noise that might sneak through, there is a built-in entertainment system and premium Sony® sound system to play whatever media you want.

Make driving one of the easiest things that you do by getting the Ford Fusion today.

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