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ford raptor

What Makes the Ford Raptor a Worthwhile Performance Vehicle?

The Ford Raptor is a relatively new vehicle to the Ford lineup, having been introduced in 2010. The first generation of Raptors was in production from 2010 to 2014 for the F-150. The second-generation Raptor F-150s were started in 2017 and continue to be made. Additionally, there is a Ford Ranger Raptor that started production in 2019 and is only available outside North America. So, you might be wondering what it is about the Raptor that helps to make the vehicles with this nameplate so special.

High-Performance for Off-Roading Fun

The Ford Raptor is optimized to use off-road. While it’s a street-legal truck, most people who want to buy the Raptor love the off-road capabilities that it brings to the table. It has a high-quality mid-travel suspension system along with all-terrain tires. Whether you are buying a new or a used Ford Raptor, you can be sure you are getting a vehicle that can handle the rigors of an off-road adventure.

The Raptor features a powerful engine. In the 2020 model, the engine has 450 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft of torque. The vehicle’s engine has the power you need to go where you want. The traction control is also an important feature that is sure to please those who are dealing with rugged off-road terrain. With the latest iteration of Trail Control, you can determine the speed that you want, and the system will then handle acceleration and braking, providing torque and stopping force to the wheels as the terrain changes. This allows you to focus on the steering.

A Rugged Look

Another feature found with the Ford Raptors that most buyers will appreciate is the appearance. These trucks are stylish and have a tough look to them. The grill is pure black with the word FORD emblazoned on it rather than having the standard Ford logo. It’s a nice touch that helps this truck stand apart from the others in the F-150 line. When you have a Raptor, people will know.

The vehicle has excellent headlights and tail lamps, a tailgate LED, hood air extractors, and a spare tire carrier, along with plenty of other optional features that you might want to consider. It’s an outstanding truck all around.

Ideal for Off-Road Adventures and Around Town Jaunts

If you love the outdoors, but you aren’t content with just heading down the usual dirt roads, staying at the usual campsites, and sticking to the main areas of travel, an off-road vehicle like the Ford Raptor is perfect. It can help you get to places that other vehicles simply can’t. While it’s the ideal option for off-roading, you will find that it’s also a nice truck to drive around town. Since it’s based on the F-150, it’s still small enough that you shouldn’t have too much trouble driving and parking in urban areas.

Feel the Exhiliration with Your Own Raptor

If you love the idea of off-roading and having a vehicle that is as rugged as you are, you can’t beat the Raptor. Test one of these vehicles today to see how it feels. You won’t be disappointed.