Ford Edge: What’s in a Crossover?

July 1st, 2020 by

The market for crossovers is hot, but a lot of people don’t understand the benefit of choosing a crossover as opposed to a sedan or an SUV. The crossover concept offers the best of both worlds—the creature comforts of premium family sedans along with the cargo and utility features of modern SUVs. Sometimes also referred to as XUVs, these vehicles are changing the way that people think of cars and giving them so many more benefits beyond a safe vehicle to drive.

The Ford Edge offers the sleek styling of an SUV with the lower profile that drivers like in a sedan. The basic silhouette hasn’t changed over the years, but the features and upgrades are easy to spot. The reasons that people love this crossover are plentiful, from the spacious passenger room to the premium infotainment system available in most models. There is also plenty of cargo room, and in true crossover fashion, the Edge delivers a comfortable, nimble ride that feels more like a sedan than a utility vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Options and Safety Features

The Ford Edge is quite popular with families because it comes with a host of standard and available safety features, with the latest in technology behind every innovation. Models are available with Ford’s EcoBoost engine, which is known for its peak performance and premium power that doesn’t waste fuel. When you want a safe, reliable vehicle that runs more efficiently than you expect, this model should definitely be on your list.

What is the Difference?

A lot of people get hung up on figuring out the difference between the SUV and the crossover. Besides the obvious included features and design elements, it’s really about the platform or the architecture of how the vehicle is constructed. SUVs can provide more utility because they are built like a truck, featuring a body-on-frame design. Crossovers will all feature a unibody design, which means that the frame and body are a single piece. From a technical standpoint, that’s the biggest difference between these two vehicles.

Ford Edge Delivers What You’re Looking For

Of course, as the Ford Edge illustrates, there’s a lot more to the equation than the difference in body structure. SUVs are designed more as work or off-road vehicles. Crossovers are essentially designed to do some of the same tasks as an SUV, but with more class and comfort, delivering the best of both worlds. Check out the Ford Edge for yourself. You’ll see the difference in this crossover right away.

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