Ford Explorer Has the Technology to Keep You Safe

September 1st, 2019 by

The most important thing about any vehicle is that it has the features required to help ensure that you and your passengers always arrive at your destination in one piece. The Ford Explorer excels at this thanks to its large arsenal of technology aimed at keeping you safe at all times.

Growing Eyes In the Back of Your Head

While almost all drivers are perfectly capable of driving forward, reversing their vehicle is an entirely different situation. Since it is nearly impossible to be 100 percent sure of whether or not there is something behind your vehicle when reversing, it can be quite a stressful endeavor.

Luckily, the Explorer uses a rearview camera to allow you to get a crystal clear picture of the entire area behind the vehicle. Plus, the projected guidelines allow you to know exactly how far away you are from hitting any objects that may be back there. This is bound to make the reversing process dramatically easier and can help alleviate a big chunk of the stress facing many drivers during their daily commutes.

Stay In Your Lane

With all of the possible distractions that exist on the road, it does not take much for most drivers to become distracted long enough that their vehicle begins to drift out of their lane. Unfortunately, if you ever let your vehicle leave your lane, then it puts you and other drivers in a very dangerous situation.

That is why the Explorer offers its Lane-Keeping System to help prevent this issue from happening. If your vehicle begins to drift out of the center of your lane without you first signaling, then the system will automatically alert you and even apply minor corrective steering in order to guide you back to the middle of your lane.

Make sure that you are your loved ones are able to keep out of harm’s way on the road by purchasing the Ford Explorer today.

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