Get the Most Capable Drive Ever With Ford Explorer

December 2nd, 2019 by

There is nothing worse than thinking of and planning out a really fun adventure, only to later realize that your vehicle is not able to handle it. This forces you to either cancel your plans or figure out some sort of other vehicle arrangements.

A much better option is to simply own a vehicle that is capable of handling nearly every type of adventure. The Ford Explorer is the perfect choice for a frequent adventurer thanks to its many wonderful capability features.

A Mode for Every Terrain

Many smaller vehicles tend to treat all terrains the same, which is why they often have such trouble driving on some of the more rugged roads. However, the Explorer recognizes that each type of terrain is totally different and requires its own unique approach in order to maintain optimal safety levels.

That is why it offers the Terrain Management System, which allows you to effortlessly switch between the seven Selectable Drive Modes. Changing the mode will result in variations occurring in the torque distribution and many other aspects of the drive. Between the trail, normal, deep snow/sand, slippery, sport, tow/haul, and eco modes, you are sure to be able to find the ideal performance for nearly every road.

Improved Rear-Wheel Performance

Although most vehicles operate using a front-wheel drive system, the Explorer likes to stand out by offering a rear-wheel drive (RWD) system that is able to improve the vehicle in many ways.

The first benefit of this RWD system is that it allows the vehicle to have a much sleeker and more athletic appearance, which is sure to be appreciated by both you and your passengers. Having this drive system also allows you to be able to tow hundreds of pounds more than you otherwise would be able to do. So if you want to tow that small camper, having this RWD vehicle allows you to feel confident that you can get it done.

Let your vehicle enhance your adventures, not stop them, by purchasing the Ford Explorer today.

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