Take Ford Ranger Off the Beaten Path

April 29th, 2020 by

If you are going to purchase a truck, then you will likely expect it to be able to perform well even when you aren’t driving on dry paved roads. Not only is the Ford Ranger able to meet this basic criteria but it also goes a step further to create a performance that is able to excel in even the roughest of road conditions, which is thanks to its many wonderful performance features.

Adaptive Capabilities

When you are in a situation that requires more intensive handling capabilities, it is usually a pretty urgent situation. This is because road conditions can deteriorate or change quite quickly, which means that you need a vehicle that is able to change just as quickly. This is exactly what you will get with the Ranger when using its 4X4 electronic shift-on-the-fly system.


All you need to do is turn a dial between the four-wheel-drive modes, which include 4X4 high or low, and the two-wheel-drive mode. Once you have selected a driving mode, the vehicle will instantly adapt and provide you with the optimal torque and traction settings for whatever road conditions you are dealing with.

Adventurous Cruise Control

A lot of vehicles come with standard cruise control nowadays, and some of the newer models even have a more advanced cruise control system. However, very few models provide something as capable as the Trail Control™ feature offered on the Ranger.


This driver-activated cruise control feature is able to automatically control the throttle and braking for every single wheel in order to help make sure that the vehicle maintains a consistent speed, even when driving over complex terrain. This allows you to focus your attention on steering your vehicle.

Capable of Handling Any Terrain

Whether you are going to be driving on pavement, grass, gravel, snow, mud, or any other type of terrain, you want your vehicle to be able to effortlessly handle it. That is why the Ranger offers the Terrain Management System™, which is able to be switched between four different driving modes to help obtain the ideal transmission shifting, engine responsiveness, traction, and much more.


You can select Normal, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts, or Sand mode and the vehicle will instantly transitional to give you the optimal performance.


Have fun taking the path less traveled by purchasing the Ford Ranger today.

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